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Professional Conversion Programmes For Pmets: Everything To Know

With automation and digitalization making waves in every sector and industry, existing jobs and industries adapt and introduce new technologies rapidly in the hope of maintaining and innovating the longevity of their business.

Such new technologies and their connected benefits have indubitably paved the way for improved work productivity and efficiency. They are a pervasive feature in many frameworks and methodologies across various sectors and industries in this day and age.

Rapid automation and digitalization also tend to bring challenges despite being inherently good, especially for the people looking to work in a different industry or field. How is a person supposed to make a transition in the middle of his career in such a case? This is where a professional conversion programme comes into practice.

What are the various modes of professional conversion programmes? 

  • Place-and-train

An employer hires PMETs before undergoing training considered necessary for making a switch in their career.

  • Attach-and-train

PMETs are provided with work attachments and training before their job placement via industry partners with good job opportunities in the future in growth sectors.

  • Job redesign (JR) reskilling or redeployment

It is targeted at the companies undergoing radical transformation within the company. The existing workers tend to be in vulnerable jobs due to transformation or at the risk of redundancy. Such employers are provided with training to take on new job roles or redesigned jobs within the company itself.


There are various programmes for keeping up with the ever-changing market for individuals. A professional conversion programme is considered a prominent option for a job seeker to make a career switch.

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