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What accounts for the popularity of magnetic whiteboards

Conference rooms or classrooms, a whiteboard is a necessity while delivering office presentations and school lessons. A magnetic whiteboard singapore is a versatile product that can deal with different functionalities in a professional environment.

A magnetic whiteboard can also be used as a tackboard. Professionals may tack in any spreadsheet, diagram sheets, notes or any artwork on the whiteboard for a display. The same goes for teachers in classrooms where displaying charts, maps and other documents are required. The attachment can be done with the help of non-scratching magnets or clips on the boards.

Advantages of using magnetic whiteboards

  • They can be used easily by a novice as well and are completely reusable. The ink applied to write on the boards requires a quick dry rub to make it usable once again.
  • They are non-messy and do not emit dust particles or harmful allergens as traditional chalk and blackboard do.
  • Made from porcelain or glass surfaces they are available in a range of finishes that one can only admire. Choose from laminate to lacquer and from portable to hinged finishes.
  • They provide multipurpose functionalities. Can be used in offices for presentations or in classrooms for imparting knowledge to students. Write on it or attach papers on it, they are fit for multiple requirements.
  • Avail quality and cost-effective products at affordable prices.

 Also, the markers and dusters are equally affordable and do not need to be thrown away easily. So, if you are looking for a whiteboard installation, consider a magnetic whiteboard that provide wider functionalities than the non-magnetic ones.

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